Health Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

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Most of us vacuum our carpets on a regular basis, however there is much more to cleaning carpets than just upkeep and appearance of your home. Many people are unaware of the health benefits that a professional carpet clean can bring.

The pollutants and allergens trapped deep within your carpet can aggravate skin and lung conditions causing rashes or breathing difficulties. Harmful bacteria such as MRSA  and Staphylococcus  can find a home in your carpet causing risk of infection. Dangerous pollutants such as lead, diesel particulates, nicotine, and micro-plastics can lead to serious health complications.

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Many people suffer from painful and irritating skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis. Others suffer from respiratory issues like Asthma, COPD, and Sleep Apnea.   After years of consultant visits and trying various medications, many people are surprised to learn that the main cause or aggravation of their conditions lies within their own homes, pollutants and allergens trapped within their carpets and fabrics.

Sufferers of these conditions often find that a professional carpet clean from Tempest can provide welcome relief afters years of symptoms. 

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 Maybe you feel bunged-up, sneezy, with itchy, red, stinging eyes. A continuous tickle at the back of your throat. Blotchy, red and itchy skin.  Sound Familiar?

If you or your family have allergies caused by dust mites, pets, pollen, mould or fungi, a professional deep carpet clean could reduce or even stop these symptoms. By removing not just light airbourne particles, but also the cause of them in pet dander and colonies of dust mites, it is possible to make your home a healthier place for your kids, family and friends 

What is Hiding in your Carpet?

Harmful Bacteria


Harmful bacteria can enter your carpet in many ways, including from shoes, pets or food stains.  If you have young children they will be at most risk from getting ill because they are closer to the ground and their immune system is not fully developed.   Our high tech carpet and upholstery disinfection system kills 99.9% of bacteria, reducing the risk of infection and giving you the peace of mind you deserve. 



 If you or some of the people you live with suffer from respiratory condition or have an allergy, carpet cleaning is a must. Our powerful hot water extraction system penetrates deep in to the carpet  to remove pollen, dust and other allergens, which can provoke severe body reactions in some cases.  In such households a professional carpet clean by Tempest improves the quality of life immensely. 

Dust Mites


  Although invisible to the human eye, dust mites  are commonly found in the home. The body pieces and faeces of dust mites are allergens which can cause people to suffer harmful reactions if not removed.   Our hot water extraction system kills dust mites that are embedded in the carpet by blasting them at high temperatures and removing their waste. It proves an extremely effective way to remove them once and for all. 

Mould Spores


 The humid British climate creates ideal conditions for mould to grow on your carpet right inside of your home. Research has shown that breathing mould spores is more harmful to the lungs than smoking cigarettes.  Our cleaning system includes a drying element which removes any moisture left behind, removing any mould that was there previously and helping prevent any new growths from appearing. 



Pollutants can take many forms. Diesel particulates, pesticides, micro-plastics, nicotine and even traces of lead are found in carpets. When you move around on your carpets, pollutants are released and contaminate your home affecting the health of your family.  Tempest use specially developed  formulas and a powerful extraction unit to remove the trapped pollutants, regardless of how deep they may be trapped.  



 Dirty carpets retain unpleasant odours and no matter how often you vacuum them, the smell won’t go. They can come from many different sources for example smoking, pet accidents or food spills. Our high tech cleaning system will remove almost any bad smell. It is proven that bad smells affect your moods negatively, while pleasant aromas promote relaxation and positivity leading to a healthier home environment. 

Why Choose Tempest?


A friendly and professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service.

The health of your family is important to you, so we are serious about helping you to take control.   We use only the best eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for your kids and pets. Our top of the range extraction unit provides the best possible results at competitive prices.  If there is anything further you would like to know about the services we offer and how they can benefit your health, please get in touch for a chat. Let us see what we can do to help.

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